Trout at Transition – Phase 3 fieldwork

Almost a year has passed since the P7 pupils from the Biggar High School learning community completed Phase 2 of Trout at Transition. This week we met up with the pupils, now in S1, to embark on Phase 3 of the project. The pupils were divided into three groups, each of which spent a day in the field at different rivers across South Lanarkshire. We selected three rivers that have been impacted in different ways by human activity – the Mouse, the Glengonnar Water and the Camps Water.

We set up seven research stations each day to investigate the characteristics of each river, ranging from fish populations to flow velocity. The data collected is going to be analysed in class, starting next week. Watch this space for results!

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Investigating the Glengonnar Water



Pupils at Transition!

The P7 pupils who took part in Phases 1 and 2 of Trout at Transition have now made the transition to S1 in Biggar High School. We hope the move went swimmingly and we are looking forward to developing the themes of the project further in the new year!