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Phase 3 of Trout at Transition is now under way in Biggar High School. This stage of the project will see S1 pupils again working in collaboration with the Clyde River Foundation and Holly Keasey as well as teachers from the Science, Geography and Art departments of Biggar High School.

Follow the links below to see photographs from Phase 3 of Trout at Transition.

Fieldwork, May 2014
The pupils were divided into three groups, each of which spent a day in the field at different rivers across South Lanarkshire. We selected three rivers that have been impacted in different ways by human activity – the Mouse, the Glengonnar Water and the Camps Water. The Mouse is a dredged and straightened river, the Glengonnar is impacted by lead pollution (a result of lead mining in the area) and the Camps has regulated flow from the Camps Reservoir. We set up seven research stations each day to investigate the characteristics of each river, ranging from fish populations to flow velocity. The data collected is going to be analysed in class, results to follow!

Tuesday 6th May: Fieldwork on the Mouse 

Wednesday 7th May: Fieldwork on the Glengonnar Water

Thursday 8th May: Fieldwork on the Camps Water 

Presentations, June 2014
Following the field trips to the Mouse, the Glengonnar Water and the Camps Water, the pupils got to work on analysing the data they collected. They assessed the status of each river and thought about what types of habitat management solutions could be beneficial. They shared their findings with the rest of the school on Monday 16th June in a series of presentations which can be viewed below.

Trout at Transition on the Mouse

Trout at Transition on the Glengonnar Water

An overview of the Camps Water, the Mouse Water and the Glengonnar Water





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